Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greens At It Again...

Earlier this month, Greens MP Lee Rhiannon called for New South Wales to follow Victoria’s lead in decriminalizing abortion. The Greens have launched a campaign which calls for abortion to be removed from the criminal code and to be recategorised into health legislation.

We must mobilize NOW so that this hideous campaign does not advance any further.
Write to your MPs NOW and tell them WE DO NOT WANT THIS.

Some points for your letters:

Many recent studies have proven a direct link between abortion and mental health problems. If MPs care about the health of women, they WILL NOT let this campaign advance.

Victoria’s liberal abortion laws allow for the killing of children who survive an abortion – do our MPs want this for NSW?

Victoria’s liberal abortion laws do not require that the abortionist ensure a painless killing for the unborn – surely even pro-abortion MPs could not concede to this.

In Victoria, nurses and pharmacists may dispense abortificient drugs to a woman until the 24th week of pregnancy. Apart from the obvious implications to the unborn child, this in no way protects the health of the mother who in most cases will go home to give birth to a dead child.

Victoria’s new laws allow for abortion right up until birth – WE DO NOT WANT THIS.

Victoria’s abortion laws allow for partial-birth abortion – that is, a child is partially delivered and then killed before he is clear of the birth canal. This hideous method of murder is even illegal in the US; but is legal in Victoria. WE DO NOT WANT THIS IN NSW!

Victoria’s new laws allow for sex-selection abortions. Only a sexist MP could want this campaign to go forward.

It is no longer compulsory in Victoria to offer counseling to a woman who is considering abortion. So much for a woman’s choice. There is nothing ‘informed’ about choosing abortion when one knows of no other option.

Nurses and doctors in Victoria are bound to assist in ‘emergency’ abortions. WE DO NOT WANT THIS IN NSW.

WRITE TODAY – don’t wait until the Greens develop a Bill and put it before Parliament. WRITE – RIGHT NOW!

Here is a list of NSW State MPs

Here is Rhiannon’s campaign overview

Feel free to write to her and tell her what you think. She won’t know how opposed we are unless we tell her.

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