Monday, March 8, 2010

Matches, anybody?

The Family Planning NSW Healthrites Bookshop has just released a number of new volumes for promoting promiscuity, underage sex and explicit sex education.

Among the nauseating pile of bonfire supplements is an insidious kit designed especially for secondary school educators; a comprehensive Contraceptive Kit, to facilitate “hands-on teaching and learning about contraception”.

The kit contains a plethora of contraceptive information and ‘tools’ including condoms, an IUD, vaginal ring, pills, lubricants, a play penis and much more. All this is packaged in a stylish carry case.

The kit also contains a book of FPNSW photocopiable contraceptive factsheets. This in itself is a concern. As if playing with contraceptives wasn’t enough to make any parent withdraw their child from PDHPE, it doesn’t appear FPNSW has requested any independent review or approval of their factsheets which make ridiculous and fallacious assertions, such as that:

“[Implanon] does not allow a pregnancy to grow.” (Implanon Fact Sheet 2006 – the fact that pregnancies don’t ‘grow’ seems to have escaped the compiler of this fact sheet).

“[The Progestogen IUD] changes the lining of the womb so that it does not get thick enough for an egg to grow in it, even if the egg is fertilised.” (Progestogen IUD Fact Sheet 2006 - how an un-fertilised egg is supposed to develop in the womb is something FPNSW fails to explain).

Yep. Just the kind of kit every teenager has a right to live without.

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