Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Mum, Bad Mum

The now infamous incident of Jackie O crossing the road while simultaneously feeding her baby is set to become a hallmark case in both sides of the ongoing good mum-bad mum debate.

Jackie O is a 2DayFM co-host and gave birth to her first child on December 10 last year. Last week, her parenting skills were compared to those of Michael Jackson by NSW minister for families, Pru Goward.

"We all were horrified when Michael Jackson dangled his baby out the window and this woman is crossing the road not just holding a baby but feeding a baby and I think it was unnecessarily cavalier," Goward told the Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph does not reveal why Goward was approached for comment, but a smart move by the politician would have been to refuse comment. Or tell the low-grade newspaper to find some real news. The online beast of anonymous opinion has backed Jackie O and dealt harshly with Goward, with mothers rising in unanimous support of the multi-tasking millionaire mummy - from forums to column comment to Facebook.

The Daily Telegraph has an unflattering track record against Jackie O. It recently published a columnist’s open letter which questioned Jackie’s decision to return to work after the birth of her child.

The journalist, Annette Sharp, was adamant that she was “not judging” Jackie O’s decision. She was just curious as to why she returned to work so soon.

Regardless of one’s opinion about mothers who work outside the home, it is difficult to understand how it is the business of a national newspaper to question the parenting decisions of a celebrity in an open letter format, more befitting to New Idea and Woman’s Day.

If anything, the Daily Telegraph’s continued minute attention to trivial celebrity occurrences effectively demonstrates the worth of the publication as nothing more than a gossip rag, fit to cover your seat on the train.

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