Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Sexualisation of Children is Big Business

Liz Hurley has come under fire from child protection groups for her new line of children’s swimwear.

Many of the designs are modeled off her adult swimsuits with an emphasis on minimal fabric, low rise and plunging neckline.

The Collette Bikini on Hurley’s website is described as “great for girls who want to look grown up.” Despite the fact that it’s a bikini of scant proportions, parents are told to “rest assured” that their little girls are “still well covered”.

The Mini Cha Cha Bikini, designed for under 8s, is described as a choice that both teenagers and younger girls will love. There seems to be no contradiction in Hurley’s mind about marketing the same product to two very different age groups.

The lifestyle photography for the children’s swimwear is provocative and is styled on Hurley’s own lifestyle shoots, albeit without the ample bust.

For $79 a piece, parents might expect some vestige of sun protection, but it’s unlikely these little numbers will come with a rash vest.

No. Hurley is a business woman. There will be no façade of modesty, safety or commonsense to cover these designs.

*Website accessed 18 September 2012 - www.elizabethhurley.com
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